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Holding Place

"Holding Place, an exhibition at Eastern Edge fills the gallery with imagery of urban and rural Newfoundland. Artists Christeen Francis, Emily Neufeld, and Andrew Testa each respond to their relationship with these lands, with cross-connected methodologies centered on observation and intervention.

Francis frames the city as a natural space that is alive and fluid in the face of its intended permanence. Fallow moves the viewer through an almost electric stream of living city spaces, inviting the viewer to reconsider the city’s position and relationship with fallow spaces, left to be and the opposite of static. Francis’ work interacts quite organically with the nearby works by Neufeld and Testa, responding to the tensions between human-built and natural landscapes.  

Neufeld, Testa, and Francis have entered a conversation about place with each other, on a land that is varyingly new to them. For me, Holding Place begs the question: how close can a visitor get to the truth? Sometimes, closer than you might expect. " Text by Jane Walker read the full article

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